Anonymous asked: psssst, draw more porn ;y

denzel is this u

when i designed cherry i actually kind of had this idea in my head about her having a mechanical outer spine installed on her back. the idea was that it connected her with the robot in her back back and allowed her to communicate with it while giving her the strength to support the weight of its arms.

another idea i had in mind was that her dad was the one who designed and built the robot and installed her spine when she was little. the spine is designed to grow with her. i never really came up with a goal that he was trying to accomplish by doing all this tho lel

I’m so happy


also who are you sorry

you remember the fap shirt so we must go hella back

madteenager replied to your post: i feel kind of conceited having myself…

remember when you had a t-shirt that said FAP

what do you mean had

i feel kind of conceited having myself as my sidebar image but i have blue hair so im super anime

and also im cool as hell anyway